Tech Virtual Assistant

In recent years, the idea of small company owners utilizing virtual tech assistants to outsource daily business tasks has gained popularity. Unfortunately, many business owners do not know how to go about hiring a virtual assistant or benefit from the assistant. This article will provide information on how to utilize virtual tech assistant efficiently.

Tech Virtual Assistant

1. Determine If Tech Virtual Assistant Suits Your Needs

The first step on how to hire tech virtual assistant effectively is to determine if the VA suits your company’s specific needs. This means that you need to identify which tasks you assigned signing to the assistant and whether it will be cost-effective to hire the individual. In determining the functions, it is recommended that you conduct an analysis of the company’s daily activities over the course of the day writing down all tasks that take up time. Write down every task that could be completed by a virtual assistant as this will contribute to determining if a VA is suitable.

2. Understanding The Pros And Cons Of Hiring A Technical Virtual Assistant From An Agency

While it may be more expensive to hire a tech virtual assistant using an agency, the use of a professional agency can offer more benefits to new business owners. For example, an agency could arrange for multiple assistants with different skill sets to be available at a specific time. Rich Pearson, the senior vice president of categories at, purports that using a freelancer who is not on contract can result in a more customized service; however, it is only one freelancer whereas agencies can offer multiple VAs for a single assignment.

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3. Perform Prep Work When Creating A Job Listing

When preparing a job listing, it is important that the listing is well-edited and detailed to merit a call-to-action from virtual assistant applicants. For example, it is recommended that you ask applicants to provide examples of their work as part of their application to check their skills as a VA. Indications of a motivated candidate can be seen when the applicant follows detailed listing instructions and responds effectively.

4. Hiring The Best Virtual Assistant

When hiring a tech virtual assistant, you will need to review different ‘bids’ that come through after a listing is put up. It is advised that you create a list of the applicants you prefer, read their reviews, and then prepare interviews with these candidates. Platforms such as provide information for entrepreneurs on how candidates score on English proficiency exams and the number of jobs they have completed. This will assist in finding the most experienced, skilled, and knowledgeable applicant for the job.

5. Managing The Virtual Assistant

While hiring a tech virtual assistant can help free time in your day, the onus of allocating tasks to the VA falls to you. If you allocate tasks effectively, the management of the VA will be smooth and they will learn to work according to your office technique. Do not hesitate to share information with the VA regarding daily tasks, regulations, and permissions as the more they know, the easier it is for you to function.