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What Is Support Points & How To Use It?

Support Points are the smartest and most affordable way to fix Technical issues. In Unitig Team Support for all the Technical fixes, you need Support Points to solve your Technical problem.

What’s Special About Support Points?

For instance, let’s say that you are in the Startup Maintenance Plan of us. Suddenly if you had a Technical issue that your website is getting slow and you want to do Speed Optimization which is not covered in your Startup plan.

What will you normally do if you were with other Technical support and service provider? You need to Upgrade your plan for just one fix that too you need it for only once.

In order to get that only one service, you have to upgrade your plan. On Comparing with the Unitig Team Support Service price structure itself you have to pay $199 for that single fix. Nearly you are paying $170 higher from the base plan $29.

A unit price of the Support Points is $5. With the help of Support Points, you can fix this Speed Optimization fix with just $50. You are saving $120 with the Support Points.

Support Points System is the most affordable and smart way to fix Technical issues to help you the users to get more benefits.

Where Can I Buy Support Points?

You can buy the Support Points package from our Support Services page. Support Points are now available as 3 packages

Based on your needs buy the Support Points and save your money. You also get Free Support Points with your Maintenance Plan. Based on the plan you choose the number of free Support Points you get also varies.

Validity Period Of Support Points

The validity Period means how long the Support Points will be valid and can be used for the services.

The validity period of the Support Points you buy is Life Time Validity. That means the Support Points you bought will be there in your account until you use them. Based on the support service you order the support Points will be detected from your account. You can see your Support Point Balance in your account dashboard. If you ran out of support Points you can purchase any of the Support Point Pack.

The Validity period for the Free Support Points that comes along with the plan has only 30 days validity you can use it within the 30 days, you cannot carry forward these Free Support Points to next month.

Can I Buy Support Points alone?

Yes, you can buy Support Points alone. You have to setup an account with the Unitig Team Support first and then you can buy the Support Points you needed and you can use the Support Points for the fixes you need.